Are you a Church Minister who is annoyed by admin, and sick of systems?

Let us help you do ministry, without computer misery.

There are many companies who specialise - they will build your church website, or design you a poster for example - however we offer a 'holistic' consultancy service, looking at what you do and what you have from a minister's point of view - and then tailoring solutions to your needs.

Rather than just focus on one thing, we will look at the big picture. For example - setting you up with audio software to record your sermon, then turning it into a podcast that is also linked to your ChurchSuite app and your website. It's not just about one piece of software, it's the whole picture.

Also, we know how tight church finances can be so, we will find software solutions to fit your budget (many of them are free!)

Last, but not least, we will give you training on how to use it so that you know what you're doing. We also offer service contracts or on demand services, if you need us for updates or training in the future.

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