About us

My name is Rev. Phil Worthington. I am an Elim Minister, a father of three, and the person behind Holistic Systems.

If you are a Church Minister who struggles with admin, computers, getting all your systems working as you want, then I want to be 'the grease between the wheels' that enables you to do ministry without the worry.

Before I was a minister I led Customer Service for PC World, Sony Centre and Bang & Olufsen; I am a qualified IT Trainer and Customer Service trainer, and ran my own IT support business for many years.

As a minister I have a apostolic, evangelistic heart. I love the local church, running events, and connecting with my local community. I believe good systems are crucial to making all those things happen.

I have a vision to support, equip and resource churches across the UK. I know there are many minsters who are running churches without any admin support, and who just want to 'get on with the job.' As a minister, I know how hard it can be to do it all by yourself, so I just want to be that extra pastor you need to help you out.

If you book a free online consultation, I will use my experience in ministry, IT, admin and customer service to help you in any way I can - all at a reasonable cost that won't make your treasurer mad!

I also love to teach and preach, and have a colourful testimony of coming to know Jesus! I am currently writing a book called 'Dwell,' talking about how the dwelling places of the Lord reveal His longing to be close to us, His people. 

If you would like to book me for preaching please email me at info@holisticsystems.org

Click here if you would like prayer.